Complete your summer hog roaster hire set-up with the addition of our BBQ set accessory. This exciting product will transform our Platinum hog roast machine into a fully functioning gas barbeque – get ready for those delicious chargrilled flavours! There’s no better catering choice for laidback party events, even for the biggest crowds.

The BBQ set cleverly fits on top of the upper level cooking area of our machines. Before use, you’ll need to take off the doors of our hog roaster and hang them on the ends of the machine. This allows for maximum surface area when cooking. The gas taps are thermostatically controlled to allow for perfect cooking temperatures that you can adjust as required. It’s possible to cook all your BBQ favourites with our BBQ set: sausages, steaks, burgers, chicken wings, grilled fish, kebabs… the list goes on.

On our Platinum machine, you can also use the lower level cooking surface to keep sauces, side dishes and breads warm whilst your meat cooks.

Why not head to our showroom to see this accessory in action or give us a call to find out more about this and any other of our hog roasting products. We’d love to help you!